Nicolas Grossemy

Director and Co-founder, Le Casse-Croute

Since I'm 18 I have been working in the food industry developing a real passion and engagement. In fact I started working as a waiter in Lille to make pocket money, in parallel to my degree in Economics and Finance at the Catholic University.

And the love of working in a restaurant followed me so that even when I moved to Marseille to start my Master degree in one of the top business school in International management and Entrepreneurship, I directly found a job in a restaurant. For me the contact and interaction with clients are really important, going to the restaurant doesn't mean have great food, people comes yes for the food but they come also for an experience. For me interacting with people is one of the keys of the personal success, it makes you stronger listening to other's ideas and it opens your mind meeting people from different backgrounds. Then it became like an obsession to start my restaurant or something in the food industry.

I had this passion for cooking for very long time and I actually became addicted meeting new people and seeing people's smiles after a meal. This satisfaction excited me and excite me every day while working. That's something I could not live without so after finishing my studies I decided to start this startup called Le Casse-Croƻte, to introduce Homemade & Fresh French food to Bangaloreans!