Ishan Grover

Brewmaster/Partner, R J Brewing Solutions

Ishan Grover is Partner at RJ Brewing Solutions. Ishan is a passionate beer enthusiast and an expert brew master.

He holds M.Sc. Degree in Food and Beverage science from the International Centre of Brewing and Distilling, Heriot Watt University, Scotland. Being passionate about brewing, Ishan loves to experiment with different flavours and takes his passion seriously while creating beer varieties.

Ishan started his career as a trainee brewer at Ghana Food & Research Institute, Ghana. His earliest achievement in India, 2011, was joining as Brew Master with Lemp Brewpub and Kitchen, a franchise of LEMP Brewing Company, St. Louis, USA. In 2013 the Manhattan, group utilised his expertise as a master Brewer and from there on it's all been an upward growth for Ishan as a brew master.