Chef Chalapati Rao

Chef and Owner, Simply South

Chef Chalapati Rao, fondly known in the culinary world as Chef Challu, is renowned globally for his culinary skills and his exceptionally high personal standards. He is known as one of the finest South Indian Chefs that the country currently has and is also the custodian for South Indian Culinary Art in India.

Chef Chalapati Rao has been a cooking legend for over two decades now and during this time he has been instrumental in preserving the traditional South Indian cooking styles from being lost to the world of commercial restaurants. Chef Challu, values genuine collaboration. He has successfully been able to assemble an expert team of chefs and suppliers who supply only the freshest & finest ingredients. This has enabled him to launch his dream venture Simply South, a restaurant that will redefine the way we know South Indian cuisine and preserve its rich heritage. His team shares his philosophy and vision.

Chef Chalapati Rao has received a special mention in the Letter of appreciation from Buckingham palace and President Bill Clinton during his visit to Hyderabad in the year 2000.

He is an expert member of the research cell of Andhra Pradesh which is promoted by the Ministry of Tourism to promote and create authenticity in documenting cuisines of Andhra Pradesh and to also create a strong connect between cuisine, history and culture in this region.