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Murginns Gourmet Butter range is priced at Rs 125 each for a 125 gm pack and

Foodhall adds gourmet touch to your house party, provides a personalised

Starting Up

Location is an important part to place a brand. A restaurateur could have significantly better result in placing the brand to a right location and putting the amount of effort

Lately, M&A deals have become the flavour of the season as we have seen an increasing number of such deals happening in the retail industry. And keeping pace with the


The overall food delivery business is more than USD 7 billion and online

According to experts, the trend is linked to multiple factors like growing

F&B Formats

Food cost and portion control are two ways to help price your menu

The industry is highly dominated by the unorganised players constitutes over


The restaurants are not targeting a particular target group for this

According to experts, during the festive season, the food lovers are open to




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