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Dark-kitchen & Delivery Conference

  • Virtual Conference
  • 20th October, 2020

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Covid-19 pandemic has changed the complete flavor of the food service sector. Looking at the current trend, many new and innovative players have entered into the Dark Kitchen & Delivery segment and also top restaurants have ventured into this business.

Dark Kitchen webinar by IRC is a virtual gathering of dark kitchens, delivery and restaurant experts in the food service market. And, as food service players are thinking going omni-channel and disrupting their industry to how technology can improve the guest experience. The Virtual meeting will cover off-premises dining with focused discussion on delivery, takeout and best practices for building profitable operations across formats.

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India’s most prominent Restaurant webinar series, where more than 300 restaurateurs, entrepreneurs, leaders, investors, and experts gather together


Influential restauranteurs , thought leaders, innovative suppliers and industry titans join the webibar. They're all here. The webinar is your prime opportunity to reconnect with existing industry contacts and meet new ones to help drive your business forward, from the convenience of your home


Hear intriguing insights on the latest insights on Dark kitchen from industry leaders and visionary experts. Sit back and learn as Restaurateurs, chefs and industry professionals share their secret sauce--from new techniques to modern classics.


Stay relevant by imagining your business through a new lens in this era. With learning opportunities that reflect today's business challenges and forward-thinking trends, Restaurant webinar helps you stay ahead of the curve.

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How Dark Kitchens and Delivery are changing the Food service Business and what's on the horizon for restaurants in 2020 and Beyond

Transforming your Restaurants Business to Delivery Business

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the fabric of the restaurant industry and brought forward the need for Innovation and change for Restaurants Brands and operators. The trends towards convenience further accelerated by COVID - Consumer preferences have changed quickly and food brands need to keep pace. Flexibility will be the key for the next phase of food service growth.

Session Highlights:

  • Best Practices for Boosting Off-Premises volume to Dine in Volume
  • Restaurant reinvention, which features new layouts, technologies and business models
  • Quality Counts - It may be easier then expected to transfer Loyalty from Offline to Online
  • How to get your Store Operations ready for delivery
  • The potential impact to a restaurant’s supply chain.

How Emerging Dark Kitchen startups are changing the Food service Business

Session Highlights:

  • Young Startups in Dark Kitchens – what and how of the business models
  • Minimizing operational cost: Re-thinking kitchen equipment and ease of logistics
  • Finding Menu efficiencies– Single kitchen model vs Multiple Menus in a single kitchens
  • Host kitchens – Are they here to stay

How are Investors biting into Dark Kitchens

Funding in dark kitchen has been in vogue since past two years. Investors have been putting in lots of money in this concept as it is driven by proximity and convenience. This session will have top investors investing the sector.

Session Highlights:

  • The rise of virtual kitchens: Why Investors are looking at kitchens that only serve delivery customers
  • What to look in before investing in an early age startup
  • Third-party deep dive
  • Cashing on the restaurant delivery trend: How virtual kitchens gained investors attention in the covid-19 world

Franchising in Dark kitchens

Session Highlights:

  • Feasibility check for Dark Kitchen business to be profitable for Brand and Franchisee
  • Growth economics for Dark Kitchens – Understanding micro profitability for Macro gains

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WhyAttend ?

  • Attendees have the opportunity to meet with top restaurant owners, chefs, Investment bankers and private equity firms, merger and acquisition specialists, real estate developers, business brokers and other restaurant intermediaries to find and locate new business opportunities.
  • Attendees will hear from the most innovative restaurant and dark-kitchen operators and chef experts in the industry.
  • Understanding the scope of Technology deployment in a conventional Restaurant design
  • Collaborating/ partnership opportunities for Restaurant Franchisors & Franchisees
  • Learning best practices for Vendor selection process
  • Networking, Knowledge&Partnerships


Who Should Attend?

Dark Kitchen/ Cloud Kitchen/Ghost Kitchen Players

Food-tech Players

Dark Kitchen/ Cloud Kitchen/Ghost Kitchen Players

Food Delivery Brands

Restaurants Into Dark Kitchen/Cloud Kitchen Space

Chain Store/Standalone Restaurant Owners

Chefs & F&B Professionals

Investors/Entrepreneurs Looking To Start A Restaurant Business

Professionals Managing Operations -finance, Marketing & Scm Functions

Food-tech Startups Seeking Funding Or Growth Opportunities

Restaurant Industry Products/Services/Solution Providers

Food Manufacturers & Ingredient And Raw Material Private Label Suppliers

Menu R&D Experts

Angel, Pe, Vc Investors

Supply Chain And Logistic Providers

Food Service Suppliers/Consultants

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