A participative discussion format

Franchising Leadership & Development Roundtable

Powering Franchise Growth in Food Service JW Marriott Hotel, New Delhi16:30 pm - 17:15 pm

Many of the fastest growing and most successful Brands in the restaurant industry are embracing franchising for their growth. It is not just QSR’s but also casual Dining, cafes, Pubs and Bars , Cafes and even Fine Dine Restaurants that are using either full format or Hybrid Models of Franchising.

So You Think You Are Ready to Franchise? Join the Business Leaders in Restaurant franchising at the Restaurant Franchising & Growth Roundtable, sharing their success stories of the numerous ways they have innovated to grow their franchises by constantly looking for the next innovation — new technologies, new menu items, new marketing tactics, new training programs, etc. — that will propel the Brand and its Franchises to even greater heights. Attendees who are in franchise or looking to franchise will gain insight and inspiration to help them be more progressive in every facet of their businesses.

Session Highlights:

  • Perfecting the customer experience is the first step toward building a successful franchise model
  • Best Practices in Franchise Recruitment : What to Consider in Franchise Negotiations?
  • The Ultimate Balance: Empowering the Franchisee when Maintaining Brand Integrity
  • Understanding Franchise Cost for Franchisors : Low Investment Model of Expansion
  • Balancing Quality and Quanity aspects In a franchise model

Why Attend:

  • Connect with leading franchise executives who will share their stories of success, mistakes and lessons learned
  • Learn how to build the right culture of cooperation and mentorship when franchise entrepreneurs, Brand leaders and global partners work together.
  • Discover the latest innovations in the marketplace for taking your franchise system to the next level
  • Learn how to manage multi-unit operations and everything you need to launch your own business.
  • Engage in in-depth discussions

Who Should Attend:

  • Restaurateurs wanting to explore scalable, fast growth business opportunities
  • Prospective franchisors looking to develop master programme
  • Sales & Development Executives
  • Restaurant Owners/Brand Leaders
  • Emerging Franchisors
  • Investors looking for Investment in Franchising