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How To Start A Restaurant Business Masterclass

Starting Up A Restaurant Business Right In & Out Of College

How To Start A Restaurant Business Hotel JW Marriott, New Delhi

If you are reading this it clearly shows you are a restaurant enthusiast and want to start a restaurant Business, but you don't know how to get started? Find out if Restaurant or Food service entrepreneurship is a good option for you as we weigh the pros and cons. A step-by-step process to start a career in restaurant ownership. It is especially designed for the college Youth to take right Steps to Open a New Restaurant and would be especially helpful if you have No Business Experience or Background. The Master class is best suited to individuals that are serious about running a restaurant. Regardless of whether it is an independent chef owned restaurant or a franchise.

Session Highlights

  • How to pick a restaurant concept (theme and/or style) that will help you reach as much of your chosen market demographic as possible
  • How to decide whether you want to own an independent or franchise restaurant (both have their pros and cons)
  • How to choose a lucrative location for your restaurant
  • How to analyse the competition so that you can be competitive in a given market
  • How to develop a well thought out business plan that will lead to success for your restaurant
  • How to establish and stick to a budget for your restaurant
  • How to build and refine a menu that will provide the perfect atmosphere for appetite
  • How to acquire the necessary start-up capital to finance your restaurant

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