Mr. Kazem Samandari

Kazem Samandari
Co-Founder & Executive Chairman, L'Opera

Mr. Kazem Samandari has a Ph.D. in Industrial Economy, an MS in Electrical Engineering and a Business Degree from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, Switzerland.

Mr. Samandari has over 40 years of professional and entrepreneurial experience and has worked in over 60 countries on all Continents. He has held executive positions in several high-tech companies including GMC Digital Printing Systems, Scitex Digital Printing, Inc., Kodak Versamark Inc. and Given Imaging Ltd. and is the President of KCSH & Associates, Singapore.

Mr. Samandari is a co-founder of L'Opera and has served as its Chairman since its inception in 2008. Throughout the years, he has been professionally exposed to various cultures and traditions across the planet. He is married to Christine and has two children, Caroline and Laurent.

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