Chiquita Gulati

Chiquita Gulati
Chef and Co-Owner, Spice Market

Chiquita is the chef-owner of Spice Market, a modern Indian Restaurant & Bar in Saket, New Delhi that she and her husband Sumit Gulati, started in 2008.

She is an alumni of Les Roches International School of Hotel Management - Switzerland, one of the Top 5 Hospitality Schools in the World. She has worked at the prestigious Four Seasons Hotel London and was part of the opening team of the Hyatt Regency Denver at Colorado Convention Center.

While conceptualizing Spice Market, Chiquita researched about regional cuisines of India, which were largely unexplored at that time in the Delhi restaurant scene. She executed a menu based on spices from various states of India and used her international experience to create a contemporary Indian restaurant.

Born in a Gujarati family in Mumbai, Chiquita has worked on re-inventing traditional regional dishes with a more nuanced and contemporary version. She has developed a lot of dishes inspired by the flavours of Maharashtra and Gujarat,which she herself was exposed to while growing up as a child and has created interesting adaptations of the same. She also likes to work with International ingredients, making them an interesting addition to classic Indian dishes while retaining the flavours and aesthetics.

Chiquita is very passionate about imparting her culinary skills to the next generation. She strongly believes that cooking is an extremely important life skill, which should be cultivated irrespective of age, gender and stage of life.

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