Anshu Raj

Anshu Raj
Founder, Caterspoint

Anshu Raj, the entrepreneur and the pioneer of the organisation is a young man who had a vision to create something different and spectacular in the food market.

He was firm and confident about what he actually wants for the clientele to experience. After completing his Graduation in Hotel Management, he then pursued his Industrial Training from ITC Maratha, Mumbai where he specialised himself in Food and Beverage Production. Later he Mastered himself in Culinary Arts for enhance his creativity and imagination in to the world of innovative food. Starting his career with FRSH he got an opportunity to show case his talent and knowledge with menu and food.

His interest and passion to learn and create something new every day made him the Connoisseur in the food industry. Anshu’s dedication is worth for everything that he has achieved till date. His hard work and planning has made him bring up with the concept of Caterspoint- Handcrafted food in India. The clients have various of options to choose from, with different kinds of dishes for every occasion and hunger. He made sure that the quality and hygiene is maintained and followed thoroughly. Fresh ingredients and high-quality products are used, prepared on demand and to give the customers an experience of fine dining at home.

Today he has been able to capture the entire Gurgaon and Delhi, NCR and has plans to bring this concept in other cities as well. Chandigarh, Bangalore and Hyderabad are in the verge to get the taste of Caterspoint. According to him it is not at all easy to handle this big venture alone. The entire team has been working day and night to celebrate every success they have achieved.

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