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We are serving the hospitality industry since 1963, we have been constantly striving for better and innovative packaging solutions for various segments of the food packaging industry. our client base : restaurants , bakers & confectioners , sweet shops , hotels , industrial packaging (food industry), for more details , log on to :

Packaging Machines, Packaging Material, Shrink Packaging System, Packaging for Food Products & Machines, Plastics, Cups & Lids, Dinnerware, Cups & Lids, Dinnerware, Plastic Cutlery, Napkins, Straws & Stirrers, Disposable Food Boxes, Disposable Ice Cream Supplies, Paper French Fry Cups, Concession Food Boxes, Aluminium Foil Pans, Baking Liners and Baking Cups, Cake Boxes and Bakery Boxes, Dual Ovenable Bake ware and Cookware, Chinese and Asian Take Out Containers, Placemats, Deli and Food Trays and Lids, Plastic Take Out Deli, Catering Bowls and Lids, Souffle and Portion Cups & Lids, Take Out Containers and Retail Containers
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