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National hi tech industries manufacture & provide consultancy solutions to set up commercial kitchen for hotel, restaurant ,motel, office cafeteria, industrial / institutional canteen, caterers, food court, bakery, club, pub, take away eatery/qsr, banquet hall, super market etc. which includes: cooking equipments, preparation equipments, washing equipments, walk in cold rooms, refrigerators, pantry equipments, storage equipments, serving equipments, bakery equipments, display equipments, room service equipments, bar equipments, banquet equipments etc.

Pan India
Storage Racks, Restaurant Shelving, Bakery & Confectionary Equipment, Refrigeration Equipment, Tandoor and Earthen Pots, Sink and Sink Bowl, Trolleys, Blast Chillers, Coffee Machines, Combi Ovens, Convection Oven, Counter Top Range, Dishwashers, Ice Machines, Meat Prep Machines, Refrigerators, Vegetable Prep Machines, Veggie Washer, Dishwashing Equipment, Work Tables & Stations, Commercial Sinks, Restaurant Shelving, Storage Racks, Dinnerware Storage and Transport, Catering and Rental Glass Racks, Bus Tubs, Bus Boxes, and Flatware Bins, Dispensers, Receiving Desks, Receiving Scales, Scale Parts and Scale Accessories, Shrink Wrap, Pallet Wrap, Tape, Twine, Commercial Restaurant Range, Electric Counter Top Griddles, Gas Floor Fryers, Electric Counter Top Fryers, Convection Ovens, Conveyor Oven & Impinge Oven, Commercial Microwave, Commercial Rice Cookers
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