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Ravas seafood kitchen a new traditions on bays of mumbai which specializes its dynasty over seafoods. mouth- watering dishes in gravy to tongue sizzlers taste ravas seafood kitchen takes care of your sea food trials at its best with its unique ideas of having sea food in different ways. the perfect combination of spices of konkan and goa belt tonguring your taste torque. ravas seafood kitchen is looking for franchising outlets for seafood restaurant as well as delivery outlets in mumbai, thane, navi- mumbai, kalyan - dombivali, lonavla , pune. ravas seafood kitchen develops, operates, franchises, and services a system of restaurants that prepare, assemble, package, and sell a limited menu of value-priced foods under the “ ravas seafood kitchen system. ravas seafood kitchen offer the public a high standard of quality and uniformity in food, service, and decor. ravas seafood kitchen are located in freestanding buildings, storefronts, food courts, and other locations that are appropriate to ravas seafood kitchen image.

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