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A leading organization in the field of commercial kitchen equipment manufacturing, trading, stockiest, suppliers. the very basic aim of our organization is to deliver quality goods & services through our hardworking & dedicated team to serve the customers up to their utmost satisfaction.we have always been dedicated towards delivering value, competence and reliability in products,solutions and services. today, we have vast commercial kitchen equipment product portfolio delivering superior services. with a rational business paradigm shaped over the years, with extensive learning. r.k. engineering works is well positioned to provide highly satisfying industrial kitchen equipment product solutions for better tomorrow & thrive to establish themselves as a name associated with excellence & reliability.we are maintaining sufficient stock of industrial kitchen equipment. our rates are competitive and supplying is fast backed with efficient after sales service.we, sincerely hope the above information would suffice you to register ourselves as one of the vendors for supplying kitchen equipment products.

Pan India
Food Storage & Transport, Storage Racks, Dinnerware Transport Equipment, Bakery & Confectionary Equipment, Refrigeration Equipment, Tandoor and Earthen Pots, Sink and Sink Bowl, Trolleys, Blast Chillers, Coffee Machines, Combi Ovens, Convection Oven, Counter Top Range, Dishwashers, Ice Machines, Meat Prep Machines, Refrigerators, Vegetable Prep Machines, Veggie Washer, Chinaware, Glassware, Melamine, Plastics, Porcelain, Wood, Accessories, Flatware, Dinnerware, Serving & Display Ware, Beverage & Service Ware, Display & Decor Ware, Menu Holders & Check Books, Condiments Holders, Table Top Accessories, Oven to Table Items, Cookware, Cutlery, Kitchen Hand Tools, Kitchen Supplies, Trays, Tray Stands, Signs & Easels, Bar Supplies, Bakery Supplies, Sliced Bread Dispensers, Ice Sculpture Molds, Chafers, Chafing Dishes & Chafer Accessories, Cup, Lid, Straw, and Portion Cup Organizers and Dispensers, Dishwashing Equipment, Work Tables & Stations, Commercial Sinks, Plumbing & Faucets, Tray Sealers, Auto-foil Fealer, Mini Oven Suppliers, Vacuum Packaging Machines, Ice cream and Coffee Machines, Automatic Liquid Packaging Machine, Storage, Display & Washing Systems, Proofer, Spiral Mixer, Planetary Mixer, Gas Filling & Sealing Machine for Pouches, Commercial Trash Cans, Dish and Flatware Racks, Dish Room Accessories, Dishwasher Aprons, Dollies, Lockers, Hand Sinks, Mobile Soaking Sinks, Underbars Sinks, Undermount Sinks, Sanitizing Sink Heater Accessories, Stainless Steel Sink Covers, Bar Glass and Glass Washing, Machine Dish Washing, Manual Dish Washing, Laundry Carts, Kitchen Wastebaskets, Outdoor Trash Cans, Air Curtains and Strip Doors, Lockers, Deli and Food Trays and Lids, Plastic Take Out Deli, Catering Bowls and Lids, Souffle and Portion Cups & Lids, Take Out Containers and Retail Containers, Catering and Rental Glass Racks, Carts, Lockers, Medical Cabinets, Trucks and Dollies, Housekeeping and Hotel Carts, Janitor Carts and Janitor Caddies, Jugs, Buckets and Pails, Laundry Carts, Self Dumping Hoppers, Wheeled Trash Cans and Tilt Trucks, Cart Replacement Parts and Accessories, Trash Can Dollies and Recycling Dollies, Banquet Cabinets & Accessories, Beerand Soda Case Stackers, Condiment Bins, Insulated Food Carriers, Beverage Carriers, Lug and Tote Boxes, Orchard Bins, Market Baskets, Reusable Shopping Bags, Restaurant Food Storage, Ice Transport Buckets and Mobile Ice Bins, Restaurant Shelving, Storage Racks, Commercial Restaurant Range, Electric Counter Top Griddles, Gas Floor Fryers, Electric Counter Top Fryers, Convection Ovens, Conveyor Oven & Impinge Oven, Commercial Microwave, Commercial Rice Cookers
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