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We are one of the few companies in asia that make 100 % authentic mexican food products with imported machinery and full nixtamalization of masa at our works. our main products range is: 1. soft frozen corn tortillas. 2. soft frozen corn tortillas chips. 3. ready to serve taco shells and mini taco shells 4. nixtamalized masa harina 5. ready to serve tostada and mini tostada 6. ready to serve tortilla chips/ nachos. we are 100 % authentic, export our products to several countries and can provide you the same quality you get from best vendors in north america. feel free to contact us for your tex-mex flat bread products requirement.

Pan India
Flavour confectionary suppliers, Bread, Biscuits, Cake, Pastry, Muffins and others, Agro Foods and Products, Plumbing & Faucets, Conveyor Oven & Impinge Oven
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