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18th Dec, 2016Hotel Sheraton, Bengaluru

Restaurant India 2016

Our Speakers

Vipin Sachdev Managing Director & Resident Source of Motivation, Tuscana Pizzeria

Mr. Vipin Sachdev, Managing Director & Resident Source of Motivation, Tuscana Pizzeria is a restaurateur and entrepreneur. He is a veteran in the service industry with over 20 years in the printing industry as a Director of NPT Offset Pvt. Ltd. His restaurant experience began in 2003 with a quick service restaurant named Subway Restaurants. He quickly moved up to multiple outlets of Subway in Chennai & also created his own brand Fresco Italian Gelato. During these years he perfected his Food & Beverage customer-centric serving approach and then launched his own multiple brands in Chennai, namely Tuscana Pizzeria of which there are now 4 locations at Wallace Garden, On Chamiers Road, on Ecr and at Shastri nagar, Tuscana Deli and Burgundy’s Restaurant.

Some of his ventures include Italian gelato brand, called Fresco, Tuscana Pizzeria, Tuscana Pizzeria on Chamiers Road, Burgundy’s and Kryptos Vegetarian.


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