Ashish UgalExecutive Chef, Taj Bangalore

Chef AshishUgal is the face of the diverse kitchens at Taj Bangalore, Bengaluru. He is exceedingly creative and is always motivated to not become redundant and this subsequently has become his motto; to be always innovative and to stand a class apart.

On his path of reaching his current position, he has influenced the kitchens of various Taj properties across the country. He played a fundamental part in the development and opening of diverse restaurants in various properties. He started out as a baker, then a patissier, then moving on to specializing in continental, Japanese, and so on.

He has also skillfully developed many dishes which have become present icons in their respective restaurants. His dynamic way of plating dishes has and will always remain his trademark skill.

He has also developed the ability to identify even the most subtle flavors of a dish in order to embrace the overall beauty of the dish and learn from it successively. He has also been renowned by various institutions, culinary, and non-culinary organizations for his contributions to the hospitality industry. He has also been a part of various promotions within and outside the country hence adding on to his characteristic of being a self-motivated individual.