Susmitha SubbarajuCo-Founder, Carrots India

Susmitha Subbaraju is the managing partner of Carrots Restaurant. Located in the heart of Bangalore's foodie destination, Koramangala, Carrots is the country’s first 100% vegan restaurant. Carrots India was started by Krishna Shastry in 2013, and offers a unique range of plant-based foods, drawing inspiration from cuisines around the world. The focus: healthy eating, and promoting a cruelty-free lifestyle for everyone. A thought reflected in their food, ambiance and the values they uphold

Prior to joining Carrots, Susmitha, a vegan since 2003, was one of the restaurant's most loyal patrons. A creative artist and food blogger, she always dreamed of starting her own restaurant, and didn't hesistate to join Carrots when Shastry offered her a job.

Susmitha's vision with Carrots is to create a conscious community that supports veganism and has mentored several young women with similar business goals. Apart from her culinary skills, she is also a reiki healer, jewellery and polymer clay artist and a tarot reader as well.

Her other interests include reading, meditation, vegan baking and binge-watching on Netflix.