Dineout partners with AI-powered JARVIS to combat COVID-19 at Restaurants and Kitchens

A live stream of the kitchen proceedings will also be available to the end customer to assure them of the hygiene compliance and sanitization standards.
  • Nusra Deputy Features Editor

Dineout has partnered with India’s largest video AI implementation company, Staqu to assist partner restaurants maintain social distancing norms as India’s food services industry opens its doors for the customers.

Under this association, Staqu will extend its AI-powered COVID-19 combat suite to Dineout partner restaurants to render specialised analytics on restaurant operations and bring the live feed to the diners helping them monitor safety parameters in the kitchen.

“The COVID-19 outbreak has severely compromised industries with Food and Beverage sector one of the worst-hit. Integrating JARVIS in Dineout’s existing framework will help restaurants and food aggregators safely navigate through the crisis and win customers back as business turns a new leafs in the unlock,” said Atul Rai, Co-Founder & CEO of Staqu.

Staqu proprietary video analytics platform JARVIS (Joint AI Research for Video Instances and Streams) will be integrated with cameras installed at the partner kitchens of Dineout.

This will help exercise the necessary supervision over the safety regulations undertaken, and ensure that all precautionary measures are being implemented by the staff. Violations will also be duly notified, prompting the management to take immediate action by tracking the suspect.

A live stream of the kitchen proceedings will also be available to the end customer to assure them of the hygiene compliance and sanitization standards. This will help reinforce consumer confidence, thereby increasing footfalls to the restaurants. The dining areas will be monitored for Hand wash, Mopping/Cleaning, social distancing, crowding, mask compliance and contact tracing.

“Today, people are apprehensive to visit food joints or enjoy their favorite cuisine due to the fear of contracting the virus. We need a tech-driven solution to eliminate this reluctance among the customers. While our contactless services have helped users order and relish delicacies through zero to minimal human intervention, we also need to address the curiosity regarding back-stage operations,” said Ankit Mehrotra, Co-founder and CEO, Dineout who believed that this partnership will play an instrumental role in reviving customer confidence by assuring them of hygiene compliance not only in dining areas but the kitchens as well.

The COVID-19 combat suite by Staqu includes COVID-19 identification, Suspect Tracing, PPE monitoring, Security, Safety and Hygiene Analytics, and People Analytics. Leveraging its advanced video solution JARVIS, Staqu aims to empower new-age corporates to uphold optimum safety standards and ensure the well-being of their internal and external stakeholders when trade and commerce switch back to business as usual after the lockdown is reversed.