Thirsty Beers launches SIMONA Hefe Weizen Premium Wheat Beer

Brewed and bottled in Bosnia Herzegovina Thirsty SIMONA is a premium wheat beer
  • Franchise India Buereau
Restaurant India

After the successful launch of HAPPY by Thirsty, an European lager, specially brewed to be uplifting, balanced and refreshing, Thirsty Beers has come up with their second product , Thirsty SIMONA, a more traditional German Hefeweizen for an evolved palate.

Brewed and bottled in Bosnia & Herzegovina, Thirsty SIMONA is a premium wheat beer offering, developed by Alex Barlow, their UK brewmaster and brewed using pure wheat malts and live yeast.

Inspired by the 1920’s heiress, a lady of grace, a grand hostess whose party never ends.  Frenetic dancing, polished floors, the perfect rift from the jazz quartet. And then suddenly the crowd parts as if by magic, and you see her.

Alluring, Smooth, Spicy and Unattainable.  The bear can be best illustrated in “As you follow her through the night, you know you’ll always be thirsty.”