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The New Decade of Restaurant Business The restaurant industry is going to see some dramatic shifts in the new decade.The business is evolving very rapidly because of the changing consumer who has more choices and more information than ever before.There is also the new opportunity that has come in form of Dark kitchens that promises new and profitable economic models. All of these factors are putting Restaurant Industry in a change mode. In the last decade Restaurants became mainstream retail replacing fashion and gadget stores but in this decade dining experiences will come of age to find resonance with consumer to find relevance. The new decade promises new age opportunities for QSR industry and will also compel the large format, big restaurants to re-evaluate their business models.

IRC 2020 will truly be an international event that will bring global vision on what does 2020 hold for the food service industry? Industry leaders from around the globe will predict the trends that will set in and others that will disappear - as well as the technological innovations which will bring a new direction to sector as whole.. Growing Traffic Counts, Technology, Labor, Food on Demand, and M&A – Consolidation are some of the burning topics that industry will layout there to be Future Ready.

What is in it for you at IRC 2020?
  • Network with top International food brands looking to enter India.
  • Meet with Global Restaurant Leaders, Investors, franchisors and Senior Professionals in the industry.
  • Learn and evaluate how digital technologies can impactyour business models and how to adjust your business to it.
  • How to pursue sustainable and profitable growth?
  • New Food Trends and accompanying new business concepts in Healthy, Organic, Vegan, Ketto…
  • Young Startup Resturants can present and attract investors to find finance for growth.
Day 1 - June 29, 2020
Leadership Summit
The new age consumer

The Changing consumer preferences and behaviors are influencing new concepts and business models. How the larger macroeconomic trends will impact the restaurant sector in the future.

Keynote Session: Building A Global Restaurant Chain

Business Leaders on their Growth Playbook

The Business Leaders will unfold about the complex issues of the day and how to expand and be profitable without losing the soul of the brand
  • How can sustainability become a real growth driver for the industry?
  • Producing, culturing, farming, shipping, cooking, delivering, reducing waste… How sustainability creates new growth perspectives for Restaurant companies?
  • Initiatives which are increasingly profitable and also amplify responsible consumption.
  • The Anti Waste Era: Building an Eligible case for Re-use.
KEYNOTE SESSION: Building a brand not just a restaurant

How do you create a brand that is stretchable and monetizable outside of the four walls of a restaurant?

Session: Business Leaders on their Growth Playbook
  • Format, location, products… Combining these key elements to make a Brand big &profitable.
  • Winning with collaborative models between Business partners & restaurant chains to ensure solid partnerships.
  • How to feed a change culture for your businessin a fast changing environment
  • How do you handle the new business landscape right from Digital and social media impact, food delivery, local suppliers et all
Growth Summit
The Restaurant of the Future

Resizing and Refreshing the Store

Online Delivery is on the rise and this has brought a need for shrinking the large seating capacity. The session shares on How to rethink your physical store layout and make it more experiential, inviting and profitable.
  • The New Wave of Experiential: Creating ROI from Space Utilization
  • How to find and negotiate restaurant leases and renovations?
  • Understanding throughput: How many customers can sit versus how many customers can be served?
  • How kitchens are scaling up and seating layouts scaling down to accommodate delivery business?
  • Flexible spaces - using inline spaces within a retail block instead of a standalone location
Keynote: Reinventing the daytime dining experience

  • The best practices to expanding your Business with a funding partner.
  • Learning’s from latest funding rounds, acquisitions and strategic partnerships in foodservice sector.
  • How do you choose the right capital partner matching the size of your business?
FoodSpaces 2020 & Beyond

New Age retail, Entertainment & food destinations that truly resonate with customers.
  • Food on the GO: How are travellers experimenting with new food concepts & experiences during travel?
  • The New age of Food spaces– how are they combining global trusted brands, local authentic brands, eclectic nightlife and takeaway foods, food trucks.
Mastering Master & Multi-Unit Expansion

Top Restaurant Brands share on how they successfully onboard master and Multi Unit franchisees to ensure solid partnerships globally.

Whether you have one operation looking to double or 10 and eyeing big regional and national ambitions, this session gives you the steps, strategy, tips and hacks you need to reach your business’s ultimate potential!

How do brands evaluate the skills and knowledge of partners to see which ones have what it takes to help you expand the brand?

But that’s only half the equation; you must also do your part. Our experts will also help you discover what your company needs in order to support multi-unit ownership.

Welcome Note
Transforming for Tomorrow : The Future of Restaurants is Omni-Channel

Today the only certainty that large restaurants chains face is change. It is driving what's called omni-channel era of restaurants and is something the retailers underwent about 10 years ago. The explosion of mobile ordering, apps, takeout, and delivery demand and other factors are augmenting the need for omni-channel commerce in food service. According to NPD Group, foodservice sales were flat or nearly flat during the third quarter of 2017, but traffic from mobile orders jumped 50 percent in the U.S. The Physical store has to reduce the back of house because it is considered a non-revenue provider. It’s not a correct view, but that’s the mind of the investor. Everything is pushing to the front.

Session Highlights
  • Creating an Omni-channel model
  • Driving more sales through multiple ways
  • Keys to Successful takeout and delivery
SESSION II: Who Is The Eater of the Future?

Understanding the customer behavior and his lifestyle needs and its connection to the dark kitchens success.

SESSION III : Building A Roadmap To the Dark Kitchen

Dark kitchens are a boon for bootstrapping early-stage restaurateurs, ambitious home chefs who can set up food service business and get immediate access to a growing digital market, without the expense—and enormous risk—of a opening traditional restaurant. The format relies on a well-equipped kitchen and delivery only, with no provision for dine-in facility. This session will share best practices on How to Launch a Successful Dark Kitchen Business with top players from India and global markets sharing their Insights

Session Highlights
  • Understanding the virtual reality: Serving Delicious food Online
  • Easy access, reasonable pricing
  • Building Data-Driven Dark Business Models For the Future of Food
  • Subscription Model
Keynote Address: "What we look for in businesses”?


Funding in dark kitchen has been in vogue since past two years. Investors have been putting in lots of money in this concept as it is driven by proximity and convenience. This session will have top investors investing the sector.

Session Highlights
  • Angel V/s VC funding
  • What to look in before investing in an early age startup
  • Why Investors are looking at kitchens that only serve delivery customers
Keynote Address: What every Entrepreneur needs to know about raising funds or How to Get an Investor to Fund you?

The Most Loved/ Ordered Food Online: Know What India Loves to Eat

SESSION V: DARK KITCHENS & DELIVERY : The Logistics between Food & its Customer

Cutting-edge technologies, innovative food conceptsand a dynamic delivery system are pivotal to dark kitchens to enable them to live up tothe expectations of their demanding audience. Dark kitchens economics work out in partnerships with third party delivery apps –which therefore represent an emerging market.

Session Highlights
  • The Digital Service & Commerce Layers For The Connected Kitchen
  • The operational efficiencies and supply chain management in third party delivery DIY Delivery vs. Third party Apps
  • Understanding the consumer psyche towards order in conveniences: On time as well as quality delivery is what can make or break a dark kitchen brand
  • How to do Quality packaging & its process to ensure best customer experience
SESSION VI: Revolutionizing the Gastronomy in the Dark: How intuitive chefs are breaking through with food delights

The hack to success in Dark kitchens lies in the food itself. The need to stay relevant with food trends and lifestyle mindsets - understanding what people want and are looking for, with the product being the most important part. With no physical premises to refit or remodel, dark kitchens can change their menus – or even the entire concept of their restaurants – quickly and easily.

  • Menus of change that ensure relevance and consumer connect
  • High Standards towards food trends, quality ingredients and efficient nutrition
  • Food that Sells and can cater to a large consumer base and profitably
  • The early times of Food Personalization Revolution
Keynote Address: Using Data to innovate in Dark Kitchens
Keynote Address: Dining on Big Data ; How Analytics is Reshaping the Restaurant Industry

Indian Restaurant Awards- South 2019

Menu Insights & Innovation

  • Influencer Marketing: how best to forge honest and genuine digital relationships, which can be molded into real-life profits and publicity.
  • How to Cash In on Customer Loyalty
  • Understanding digital marketing and Analytics
  • Menu Insights & Innovation

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