Vegan Butcher: How This Entrepreneur is Changing the Way India Eats Food

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Talking to Restaurant India Abhishek Sinha of Good Dot shares the idea behind starting a mock meat company.
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There are some things which are latent and there are some which are apparent. Abhishek Sinha personally and his core team love animals and rescue them whenever there is a need. But being a meat eater himself there was always an imbalance between what his heart would say and what his tastes prefers. It was during his engineering days in Pune, back in 2003 he came along several university research where they were doing a tissue culture based meat. So, they were taking tissue from live animals without making them die by using techniques and make real meat out of it. And, the research is still on. It has proven as a concept but is very expensive. This is the need which is quite latent and a lot of people don’t even realize it. You don’t give up the taste, nutrition without killing the animal. And, that’s how he started GoodDot and GoodDo with his friend Deepak and brother Abhinav. Excerpts from the interview:

The Journey Continues:

On the way I did various jobs and research but I always keep a tap on this segment as to how it is growing and in the last 7-8 years companies from America and Europe have came across a real credible alternative for it. My brother who is a scientist in protein chemistry was also into the texturisation process and is also part of my core team which includes my friend Deepak Parihar who is also a Co-Founder and looks after the Finance & Marketing. We had an American Co-Founder Stephanie who has taken up an advisory role. Our team across the globe carried out recipes on various cuisines in the same and ranked them as per the performance. We felt that some of the products fitted well in the Chinese kind of cuisine and others in continental but none of them did well with Indian cuisine and that was the drawback we felt in global products and we started working on that, went across globe finding best equipment, universities and other stuffs. It took us almost 3.5 years and it was only in September 2017 we launched this product here in India. The commercials rolled out in November 2017. In one year we have done very well and we are opening our export to Canada very shortly.

Expanding Retail Vertical

We have a separate company wherein we are manufacturing the product and a separate company which is in the QSR space and has dishes exclusively made out of GoodDot products and also acts as a point of sale of GoodDot products. Right now we have 4 outlets, two food trucks, one kiosk and one bigger outlet in Udaipur. We will be opening Bengaluru next month wherein we are opening 4 small and one big outlet and then 5 each in Delhi and Mumbai. All these outlets will be company owned. We will roll out franchise after these openings.

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High on Manufacturing

On our manufacturing side we have 8 SKUs in that we have vegetarian meat that are chunks of red meat reflections, then we have protein that can resemble egg bhurji or chicken chilli and we have ready to eat products that has achari tikka, ready to cook biryani and pulao and also ready to eat cup biryani and cup pulao. Also, there is proteiz plus which is softer version of protein fortified with minerals and other products. We will be rolling out thai curries with mock meat and these will be manufactured in Thailand in a month from now.

Catering to a wide Customer Range

The price for vegetarian meat which is a mutton replacement is Rs 550 a kg. The proteiz if it is hydrated comes at Rs 100 per kg. Achari Tikka is for  Rs 135 for 250 gm. The cup biryani and pulao is at Rs 160 each. Ready to eat biryani and pulao is Rs 90.

For GoodDo we have products like KFC wherein we have regular starters like KFC strips, four burgers- Bhurji burger, Zinger burgers, keema burger, patty burger, achari tikka, biryani, pulao, desi curry bowl and wraps to name a few.


There is a slight difference in approach between what other vegan restaurants are doing and what we are doing. There is only one single product in our menu which exceeds Rs 120. The rest are either Rs 100 or less than Rs 100. We are doing it to make it comfort food and not a high end organic stuff. Also, we are targeting the meat eaters who are trying to lower the meat intake. We are selling close to 12000- 15000 packets every day.

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Riding High

We are planning to launch one big outlet at a premium mall and four kiosk in every city we enter. We are planning to have 40 outlets across India and also planning to enter franchise route by this year end.

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