How marrying customer experience with technology has made Domino's lead the food-tech evolution

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The company and leaders who are paranoid about customers and who are going to make sure that they marry customer experience with technology will not only strive but they will drive the change.
  • Nusra Deputy Features Editor
Rajneet Kohli

Technology has played a huge role in building restaurants of tomorrow. From global brands like McDonald’s, Domino’s, KFC and Burger King to our home grown players have also taken a huge step in adopting tech-led innovations. From integrating technology in restaurants to how the pandemic has put restaurants in a direction when they use more technology in restaurants and different interfaces to engage with the customers. Domino’s India President and Chief Business Officer, Rajneet Kohli shared few milestone steps that one of the largest QSR chain took to build a tech-first approach brand. From being the trendsetter in getting the pizza delivered in just 30-minutes to partnering with IRCTC and getting the pizza delivered in the train in 2018 to now delivering the pizza at your desired location while you are just sitting in your car.

“We have been forced to look out at technology choices and really re-modeling our business. If we talk from Domino’s perspective technology and data is very natural to us,” shared Kohli by adding that they have always kept customer in the centre of everything and therefore all decision they do is keeping that in mind.

Data is the king

The brand also focuses a lot on data and the kind of data that is coming through. As per Kohli, the pizza chain has a huge data lake wherein they are getting to know what the customer is eating? What they are looking at? and how much time he has spent on the app and then exit? For e.g. 6.2 per cent of their customer gives them the 32 per cent of the business, the next 9.9 per cent of customers give them 22 per cent of the business. So, the 15 per cent of these customers gives them 55 per cent of the business. “So, how do I tailor my response to the customer and make it happen and how can I make customer to have pizza at any point of time was one of the concern that I tried to handle,” shared Kohli who on one of his train journey thought of  partnering with IRCTC and getting the pizza delivered in train. That’s how the brand integrated food in train and then worked with IRCTC app by marrying technology to order in train.

Innovating the delivery model

During the pandemic when things were little eased and restaurants started to re-open for dine-in, the data came out that customers wanted to go out but they were worried entering into a restaurant. And, that’s where the QSR chain thought of delivering it on the road. “We don’t have drive thrus like McD, Burger King etc. So, we have drive and pick where you go on our app and say you want the pizza and got a spot where you need to click and get your pizza delivered there. So, going where the customers is all coming from the insight through the data,” added Kohli by adding that Domino’s 76 per cent of customer order through android, 12 per cent order through PWA, 10 per cent through ios and 2 per cent through desktop and that’s when you have these data flowing in you need to see conversion is happening to the business.

Hence, we can say that when a brand and its owner or operator become paranoid about customers and are going to make sure that they marry customer experience with technology will not only strive but they will drive the change.

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