How This Pune Based Venture is Catering Ancestral Recipes

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In conversation with Restaurant India, Asha Shetty, Owner, The Coconut Tree talks about her journey and the trust and belief she is getting towards her venture from the people.
  • Shahram Warsi
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Recently launching her second venture in Pune, Asha is trying to expand her business by opening new branches. With the Coconut Grove already being popular among the local people of Pune, Coconut Tree is now providing another experience which is already witnessing love and trust from the people. Excerpts from the interview: 

Why do people choose Coconut Tree over other players in the same category?

One of our biggest achievements has been the belief & trust that the people have shown in us when it comes to taste and quality of food and services. It is our dedicated service of quality food that has given them the value for money which is very important for any brand to grow. Also,  our food tastes authentic and unique not only because of the ingredients but also for  the preparation techniques involved.

What is so unique about your venture model?

Fusion of modern interiors and ancestral recipes. Coconut Grove has been popular amongst Puneites for over 15 years and we have capitalized on this brand and expanded with Coconut Tree.

Who do you see as your major competitor in your segment?

We don’t consider anyone as competition but ourselves. We try to be better each time with what we offer.

Why the name Coconut Tree?

Coconut Grove has established itself as a very authentic brand in Pune for over 15 years and when we thought of capitalizing on this brand and expanding it, we thought of picking a name that would go with it. Hence, The Coconut Tree.   

What are the challenges you face during online order and delivery services?

 Time is one big challenge due to various reasons. Apart from that, we also face challenges in trying to convince the clients of the products like Surmai and Pomfret.

How do you propose to expand your business?

When it comes to expanding the business, I plan on opening new branches which are already under process. It is happening in Pune itself. Expanding to other cities is also on my mind, but not something in the near future.

What is your take on the rise of many themed based restaurants and cafes in the past few years?

I think it is  great to see how budding restaurateurs are taking efforts in creating not just a brand but also making an experience memorable for the customers.  After all, the true motive of any restaurant owner is to see a happy customer. It is also very inspiring looking at the creative and innovative ideas they have come up with.

Enlighten us with the decor and interiors your venture provides to people.

Post capitalizing on Coconut Grove, we have decided to create a fusion of modern interiors and ancestral recipes.

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