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29-30, 2013

Chef Shipra Khanna
Master Chef, Winner of Master Chef India Season 2

Shipra khanna, winner of renowned TV show Masterchef India 2 (broadcasted on Star Plus) is live example of such real fighters in life.

Winners have a different attitude towards tough paths of life. This can be clearly understood by looking at the background of Shipra khanna. Born and brought up in a prosperous and upper class family, Shipra would have never imagined that what upcoming life has in store for her. From the day she born (17th November) till the day she got married (At the age of 19), she has a flourishing and happy life. She had perfect schooling & graduation studies in leading schools of Shilma (her hometown), which included Lorreto convent and St Bede's.

She is youngest female celebrity and has marked her name on the global cooking standards. She has toiled with French michelin star chef in Paris and continues to give cooking workshops in India and on global scale. Her forte is fusion food. Shipra’s book talks about her experiences,and inspirations of cooking also teaching a home cook the basics of cooking professionally,named 'The Spice Route'.

Shipra has won many awards. Amongst them few include felicitation by the C.M. of Himachal Pradesh,Mr Prem Kumar Dhumal, felicitation by Rotary International, SAARC Chamber Women Entrepreneurs Council (SCWEC) as " Woman Chef Taking Tastes Beyond Border" in Nepal. She was awarded as "Himachali of the Year".

An artist by nature, her passion for painting and dance transformed into a passionate love affair with cooking.For Shipra Khanna, life imitates food, and vice versa. And just as in life, simple things can be beautiful & uplifting; so it can be, in food too. These are the beliefs & matras she lives by, and the themes that this Masterchef winner from humble beginnings in Shimla, explores in her maiden cook book.



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