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29-30, 2013

Ms. Nita Mehta
Director, SNAB Publishers Pvt. Ltd.

Ms. Mehta has entered the hearts and homes of millions of people across the globe through her cookbooks. In the discussion of a recipe, she becomes the readerís teacher and friend. Her knowledge is based on the solid backbone of a MSc. degree and Gold Medal in Food and Nutrition. Her recipes work every time because they are tested again and again and explained step-by-step. Their appeal lies in the creative blend of exciting flavours that appeal to every palate.

Ms Mehta has written over 400 books on various topics, covering a multitude of cuisines from around the world. About 350 of her books have been on the best-seller list. In a short span of few years she has sold over 6.5 million books. Several of her cookbooks have won International Awards.

She creates recipes for food-related companies around the world. Her cooking Institutes, all over India, have trained several hundred thousand aspiring young men and women into expert cooks. Over time, Ms. Mehtaís cooking methods became so popular that the clamour went up that she should give her fans restaurants too! Thatís when the idea of a chain of Restaurants to be under her banner was born. Her chain of restaurants includes Kelong, Klub and Lemon Grass.



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