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29-30, 2013

Mr. Kailash Goenka
Chairman & Managing Director, Sankalp Restaurants

An established brand in the food industry and restaurant business 'Sankalp' is the brainchild of Mr. Kailash Goenka, Chairman & Managing Director of The Sankalp Group. Starting with humble beginnings, Mr. Goenka used his innate business acumen and entrepreneurship skills to take Sankalp to its present heights. His vision, passion and single-minded dedication are the reason for the recognition, goodwill and popularity Sankalp enjoys today. With changing market trends, Mr. Goenka has also successfully introduced two more brands 'Sam's Pizza' and 'Saffron'.

Sankalp's retail brands have an international appeal. Today, Sankalp has a strong presence in 6 different countries. Its aspirations and motto to offer the very best cuisine and dining experience to as many guests as possible, does not stop there. Mr. Kailash Goenka envisions the opening of more than 200 Restaurants by the end of 2015. Keeping in mind the growth potential of the Brand, the company has constantly innovated and created lucrative opportunities both for businessmen as well as consumers.



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