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29-30, 2013

Mr. Eric Ho
Founder, Yo Yo Group

Mr. Eric, founder of the Yo Yo Group, has achieved massive success at a surprisingly young age. He is currently the owner of the largest Tyre and Steel recycling plant within the UK and has a portfolio of 10 restaurants including a fine dining restaurant in Central London. With a passion for food and an extensive history and background in the catering industry, Mr. Eric was destined to be in this industry. Yo Yo Noodle, his brainchild, began its development in 2006. To him, franchising was the perfect way to share his business acumen and experience to help wannabe business owners get the right start.

In just over 1 year, Mr. Eric has led his team to becoming the fastest growing noodle bar franchise in the UK. During this time he has also managed to strike a deal, signing off the master franchise agreement to India. YoYo Noodle as a brand is well on its way to becoming recognised globally.

Mr. Eric not only has acute business acumen, but he is also a life coach and motivational speaker specialising in Peak Performance, Leadership and Management. Mr. Eric has been lucky enough to acquire a wealth of knowledge and skills over the years, which has enabled him to be successful. This led him on to setting up his own personal development company, called QIS, which is a platform for personal development seminars and life coaching. QIS itself has helped transform the lives of thousands globally.

He now holds talks all around the world including China, UK and India. Mr. Eric is a firm believer in helping those less fortunate than himself. In 2010 he set up his own non-profit organisation called YoYo Mission, which he chairs. He is a firm believer in being hands-on in helping people. After setting up his charitable organisation, he built an orphanage out in Kenya to help teach them to become a self sustaining orphanage, to teach them to grow their own crops and on ways to sell them for money. Mr. Eric is truly an inspiration to all.



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