Restaurant planning includes all the basic necessities you getting a start-up restaurant plan right, making a draft of all the information and checking food manual to get an idea about the ingredients to get the restaurant business going. The section will also detail on the making a sound restaurant business plan so as to save you time and frustration in the long run to start your restaurant.

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Pop-up restaurants: Up, serve & win

The concept of pop-up restaurant is being introduced in India lately only in specific cities like Mumbai and Delhi. Pop-ups are generally micro-events that are put up at temporary venues, setting up a moving kitchen and a different food experience for customers. A pop-up restaurant offers the same benefits as compared to any other restaurant excluding the

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At your service!

Eating for a better experience We choose a restaurant over others for the experience that collectively comes from the food, service and ambiance. Few may feel the service matters more than the food! Restaurant owners agree that guests deserve

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Recipe for Food Business

Many people believe that opening a restaurant is as simple as putting on an apron and heading to the kitchen, but every successful restaurant owner knows the ground reality. A concrete business plan, good location, ambience, food served, quality

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Consultant for your restaurant business

The consultant trains you how to act on your restaurant business model charging a certain profit stake or fees. Experts say venturing into a restaurant business is easier than making money out of it. You need to be well educated about the

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What turns Customers into Fans?

Consistently delivering a valuable customer experience is important; it drives and sustains business growth. The big chains and even the fine dining restaurants focus on delivering better quality customer service. Customer satisfaction is

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Involvement of senses in your Restaurant

Pooja Singh, Marketing Communication Manager, Hyatt, Gurgaon says “Involvement of senses is a part of life; it depends on how every individual likes to enjoy the need.” Taste:  Taste is the most obvious sense of a foodie

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How can your Restaurant 'Go Green'?

Using ‘Green’ products:  Avoid chemical-based cleaners that have a damaging effect on water and wildlife once they've been flushed out of your drains. Mr. Sachin Dhoka, Owner, Firangi Tadka, says, “We clean our

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9 Reasons that give Restaurant a Short Life

  Here are some common reasons why many restaurants fail. 1.      ‘Concept’less: Any successful restaurant needs a clear concept, i.e. identifying the specific customer it is target audience. You need to

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